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All electronic payment options are not the same, are you using the one that fits you best?


ACH – Commonly know for companies direct depositing payroll and requires GMCU member to work with a GMCU representative

  • Payments are delivered the same day or the following day depending on when they are released
  • Member contacts GMCU with payee information, account #, routing number, and signs an authorization form
  • GMCU configures the payment(s) as specified by member


External transfer – For the “do it your self” kind of person

  • Payments are delivered the same day or the following day depending on when they are released
  • Member can setup payments on their own using our online banking platform
  • members can setup payment, schedule payment dates, setup recurring payments, etc


Bill Pay – A little of the new and a little of the old

  • Either a GMCU member or GMCU can setup using our online banking platform
  • Payments are sent by check through the US Postal Service (please add adequate time to deliver payment)


We are here to serve you and would be glad to assist you in setting up one of the electronic payment options. Please give us a call at (802) 864-6892 or stop into one of our branches to speak with a customer service representative.


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