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Personal Loan

Personal Loan Rates

Overdraft Protection 18.00% Revolving
Signature Line of Credit 16.00% Revolving
Signature Loan 10.50% 1-5 years
Tax Loans (tax payment/real estate) 7.99% 1-5 years
Debt Consolidation Loans 10.49% 1-5 years
Credit Buuilder 6.99% 1-2 years

* These are our “as low as rates” your rate and term could vary according to your credit

rates effective 3/1/2024, repayment obligations over the entire term of the loan

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate


We have personal loans for everything from debt consolidation to purchasing that engagement ring or a vacation getaway. Apply with our online loan application, by phone or in person at any of our offices.