Certificates of Deposit

Federally Insured up to $250,000


Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the US Government.


Certificates Of Deposit

Certificates pay a higher rate of interest than other savings accounts because funds are left in a deposit for a specified term with a minimum investment of $500 required. Interest is compounded and paid monthly based on an average daily balance. Early withdrawal penalties and certain restrictions may apply*.

Contact a Member Services Representative at one of our branches to open a certificate of deposit.

6 Months 3.00% 3.04%
12 Months 3.50% 3.56%
18 Months 4.00% 4.07%
24 Months 3.50% 3.56%
36 Months 3.00% 3.04%
48 Months 2.75% 2.78%
60 Months 2.50% 2.51%

*Additional funds cannot be added to an existing Certificate

*APY= Annual Percentage Yield reflects the current minimum APY offered, and assumes principal and interest remain on deposit until maturity. Early withdrawal penalties may apply and reduce earnings. Rates subject to change without notice. *

Rates effective 4/24/24