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Home Loans

At Green Mountain Credit Union, our experienced and helpful Mortgage Loan Officers will climb mountains for you.

Our current mortgage programs will help you purchase, refinance, or build your new home.

Fixed Rate Portfolio Loan:
This program offers financing for Purchasing or Refinancing
Terms Available: 30, 20, 15 Years, repayment obligations over the full term of the loan
Our experienced mortgage loan officers are anxious to help you with your mortgage needs.

Move and Improve Loan:
Purchase your new home and borrow the funds at the same time for updates that will allow you to create the home of your dreams.

Construction Loan:
This program allows you to build the home of your dreams with helpful guidance from our experienced Mortgage Loan Officers.

Home Equity Loan Programs:
Our home equity loan programs allow you to use the equity in your home to help with other financial needs you may have.

Home Equity Variable Rate Line of Credit:
Borrow against the equity in your home with your house being used as security. A great program which gives you a revolving credit line to use for large expenses or to consolidate higher-interest rate debt such as credit cards.

Once and Done Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan:
This is a one time draw program which is great for large purchases, debt consolidation or maybe building that garage you have always dreamed about.

VA Home Loans:
Green Mountain Credit Union is excited to offer VA Loans to help Active Service Members, Veterans and their Surviving Spouses become Homeowners.
Home Purchases, Cash Out Refinances and Interest Rate Reduction Loans.
Up to 100% financing with no PMI required.

At Green Mountain Credit Union, let our Mortgage Department help guide you through the process so you can decide which program works best for your financial needs.

Helping you with the mortgage process all the way to the closing table!

Please call one of our Mortgage Loan Officers for Program Guidelines and Current Interest Rates.

Mortgage Loan Officers:

Patti Robbins

NMLS# 98725
Branch: Barre- Montpelier
Phone: 802-522-1001
Email: patti@greenmountaincu.com

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Ashley Cousino

NMLS# 2267813
Branch: South Burlington
Phone: 802-864-6892
Email: Ashley@greenmountaincu.com